What would be a good category name for split topics?

Splitting topics is becoming a common practice for me as an admin and that is a good thing, users are engaged.

The last few topics I have split I have not been able to assign to a category and that just feels like I am leaving a hole in the process, but I have been appending the A side discussion to the title.

What would be a good category name for split topics that meet no existing category such that a new user would recognize that this did not start out in a conventional manner?

The reason I ask is that split topics tend to leave part of the context for the first post in the topic they were split from. They rarely have a clean break but after a few post in the new topic becomes focused on the topic.

Maybe I am over thinking this and should just give it the obvious name of Split Topic

Feedback desired

Split topic seems little better than uncategorized to me. If we have obviously missing categories, just add them. Not sure how desirable it is to keep the number small. Possibly we have far too many already?