Why his SWI-Prolog Editor is richer than me?


I am learning XPCE.

I watched a youtube video for XPCE. Why his editor is richer than me?

My editor’s appearance:

His editor’s appearance:

We are using the same SWI-Prolog editor? Or is there a way to configure the editor as he does?

P.s. I am using GNU Emacs to program. It work well with console application, but for graphics application I have to start swipl-win which has a poor appearance…

I don’t know how he got this but you don’t have an editor open. All you have is the console which is the bottom quarter of his screen. Click on the File menu to open and edit a PL file, which will give you a separate editor window.

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Yeah, the other way is typing emacs. in swipl console.

It would be nice if PceEmacs community could provide some prototype configurations for users to hack, which is just like GNU Emacs :wink:.

I think he is using a Windows editor developed by Gerhard Röhner:



I don’t think there is a PceEmacs community. There’s a SWI Prolog community and we all use different editors.