Book recommendations?

I want to treat myself with some dead-tree book from Amazon, what are your recommendations? My main interests are compilers and good old-fashioned AI, but anything Prolog-related that you have enjoyed is welcome!

This is a good one

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O’Keefe, The Craft of Prolog has chapters on grammar rules, tokenisers, and interpreters.

Plus general good advice on Prolog programming by one of the best.


Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis is my preferred, and it focuses almost exactly on the arguments you listed.
After a mild introduction to Prolog programming, you find a brief but intense session on the logical (mathematical) foundation of the language, then some DCG applications for NLP, and then a very clear explanation of Richard Montague grammar. The final chapter highlights performance related topics, like partial execution, bottom-up parsing, etc.
To be true, I don’t know if the book is available on Amazon, I read it many years ago in the italian translation…


I’m liking several that I bought below, especially Art of Prolog and Craft of Prolog. Here are some more to consider:

  • CHR is good although not Prolog per se. I’m sure it will become relevant when I become a Prolog expert.
  • Art of Prolog is available as ebook for free from MIT Press.
  • The 3rd one in my screenshot is a bunch of research papers that I still need to digest. I’m sure they have some hidden gems.

One more: Logic Grammars by Harvey Abramson, Veronica Dahl

Half the book is about variants of DCGs for parsing and interpreting (including top-down and bottom-up), the other half is more advanced stuff for linguistics (discontinuous grammars, context-sensitive grammars, free word order, etc.). It’s a bit old (1989); I don’t how much research has been done since then (for example, there’s this, which goes much more into syntax/semantics of natural languages: Text Understanding in LILOG | SpringerLink)

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