Startup needing coders

I am looking to find out how much to budget for hiring of a handful of prolog coders with adequate experience. So my questions are:

What should be the minimum experience I could expect?

What base wage/salary is reasonable?

I hope to help you answer all your possible questions according to my experience and people I consulted and some sites I read to help you

What should be the minimum experience I could expect?

Some filters used in selective processes that I participated in include this:

  1. Software development time
  2. Graduation in some programming course that can be Software Engineering, Software Analysis and Development, etc.
  3. Companies you work with prolog language
  4. When you hire there are 5 levels: Intern, Trainee, Junior Developer, Full Developer, Senior Developer. You have to specify the experience level in the vacancy, you cannot demand something complex from an intern, which you could have from a full or senior developer Or at least it shouldn’t.
  5. You can create code challenges, many companies do this, when they want to hire someone for programming.
  6. Usually when you ask for development experience, you can ask for some visual code (frontend) or some backend code.
  7. Another thing you can ask is if the person has any portfolio on Github or any code hosting platform like Bitbucket, Gitlab.
  8. If the job is artificial intelligence or some statistics code, ask that person to submit some algorithm for that.

Answering your question, maybe you want someone who already works in the area, maybe people at a junior, full or senior level. It might be interesting that these people have some portfolio on Github or any code hosting site. Perhaps knowledge in Git and Github would be interesting for you to evaluate the experience of these people.
In addition to evaluating the experience of these people in frontend code such as html, js, css. Or some backend code like crud which is the most common, maybe the most interesting databases are mysql, mariadb, postgresql, mongodb, redis or couchdb.


  1. There are databases made in the prolog, but I didn’t think of that. I thought only of the most common databases.
  2. Generally, prolog programming jobs require knowledge of statistics and API development. 3. And they usually need someone who knows some relational or non-relational database. As I said earlier, I mentioned some more common relational and non-relational databases.
  3. You would have to specify if the vacancy is for something web, desktop or mobile. If it’s not something specific, maybe data science knowledge is better.

What base wage/salary is reasonable?

  1. It depends on the position, function and experience or delivery that the developer will have to make. Generally, specialist-level job profiles pay more.
  2. Generally, generalist-level job profiles can pay more or pay less. What I mean is that generally in this type of job profile, there can be many variables, such as the location of the company or the displacement I would have to go to work - if the company is with face-to-face work. This can have a high or low salary.
  3. It would be necessary to do some research on sites like Glassdoor. On sites like glassdor you can see the average salary for the last programming positions.
  4. Search for companies that have open vacancies for prolog programmers, so you will have an overview of the most common vacancies, the professional experiences that are requested and also the salary that is agreed
  5. Here you talk about the average salary for technology and software in Prolog: 20 Best prolog programming jobs (Hiring Now!) | SimplyHired or 94 Prolog Developer jobs in United States (2 new) or Prolog Jobs | Upwork™

Amazing tips

  1. There are several ways for you to hire prolog programmers, one way is to search on Github.
  2. Another way for you to search for prolog programmers can be with LinkedIn, through Youtube channels, maybe blogs like Medium.
  3. Another way to find prolog programmers is with public prolog programming groups with telegram app
  4. If you have a programmer friend, you can ask that friend for recommendations from someone who works with prolog programming.
  5. Another thing that would be nice and interesting would be if you could specify if this vacancy is in person or remotely.
  6. Another way is to look for freelance programmers on sites like Fiverr.
  7. You can check here on the Discourse about prolog, which people help the community the most and then try to make contact with these people in order to close a working partnership.
  8. You can create ad on google ads, to search for possible programmers, usually these ads appear on websites or videos on Youtube, so someone who accesses these sites may be interested in your vacancy.
  9. As I said, there are several options and hiring as I have shown you, only you will evaluate which one is best for you. It would be really cool if you posted here the link of this prolog company
  10. Another option is to hire a headhunter to look for the best prolog programmers for your startup. Or pay an HR company to do a selection process and see which people are most interesting for that job profile.
Summary, job description

Required knowledge

  1. Knowledge of git is required for version control of our software.
  2. Graduation in some programming course that can be Software Engineering, Software Analysis and Development, etc.
  3. Companies you work with prolog language
  4. The experience level required for the position is junior, full or senior
  5. Software development time

Desirable knowledge

  1. Frontend knowledge is desirable
  2. Knowledge of some database is required as mysql, mariadb, postgresql, mongodb, redis or couchdb. It is not necessary to know all databases, only 1 relational database and another non-relational
  3. Knowledge of statistics and data modeling or machine modeling is desirable
  4. “We need developers with data science experience or even web, desktop or mobile experience.”
    • If you need something like this then you want someone with full stack knowledge.
    • If it’s web experience only or desktop experience only or mobile experience only, please specify in the job description.
    • If you do not have information about the experience required for the job vacancy. An alternative is to describe the job vacancy with a fullstack knowledge requirement. Typically, people who have fullstack knowledge work on mobile, desktop, or web devices.
    • If you’re not sure what experience is required for the job, maybe just data science experience, then software engineering is best to put in the job description.


  1. The required vacancy is remote or can be in person, this will be discussed in the job interview
  2. “Send the link from Github or any code hosting platform for us to evaluate your code”
  3. “Send the Linkedin link too, so we can evaluate your experience and resume”
  4. If you are not sure about the salary, one option is to let the candidate offer the amount of salary that they think is best, so you evaluate different candidate profiles and see which is the most viable for you to pay and have in the software team.
  5. It may be necessary to evaluate some soft skills of the candidate such as Communication, Teamwork, Problem-solving, Time management - reference: What are soft skills? Top 15 Soft Skills examples - Workable
  6. Don’t forget to talk about your company’s values ​​and missions and how important this is for those who work with you
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Sorry to say but the search engine used for the ziprecruiter site can not differentiate between Prolog the programming language and the project management software for construction named Prolog.

I apologize, I was writing and passed the wrong link. I will make the corrections.

Btw thank you for your great answers … Looks like the money is approved at least for the first 4 months so we expect to be able to contract at least 3 prolog programmers… Your job could be for many months if not years.

General requirements we are looking for would be that people would have the skills to do at least 6 out of 8 in prolog.

  • Can code a text adventure game in a couple days.
  • You can write a rudimentary clause database browser in something like SWI-Prolog’s http library in a couple days.
  • Already know what steps you’d do to write a fictional story generator.
  • You have already used DCG once for things that have nothing to do with parsing/NL generating.
  • Can explain what forward chaining is and ways it can be implemented in prolog.
  • Have basic understanding of ALEPH, CHAT80, STRIPS or PTTP or can look at code of one of them and describe what it is doing.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux environments including shell scripting and standard Linux command line tools.
  • Experience with distributed version control such as Git.

We hope you have

  • AI background or interest in Interactive Fiction authoring
  • The ability to operate on a complex software system with very little documentation

LOGICMOO will be starting (sub)contractors at:

$75 USD/hr with $5 raise every 160 hours until a negotiable cap of $135hr is reached
0.5% per year vestiture (every 160 hours you become 0.041667% vested)


  • Prolog Programming
  • Text adventure programing
  • Remote work - We Zoom two times a day for 10-20min each to discuss goals, progress and blockers
  • Create conversational ways of seeing what the system does and doesn’t know about the game world
  • Updating or replace our Forward Chaining Engine
  • Textual Inference about In-Game objects
  • Rewrite or bugfix our Situation Calculus system to use the forward chainer
  • Rewrite or bugfix our Event Calculus Abducer/Planner
  • Same as above for our Dialog based Event Calculus Abducer/Planner

If you are interested send resume or CV to

Also feel free to complain about and question any part of this post… We are new to finding talent and what are the expectations of candidates.